Realization of Heavy Carpentry for Moebius Milan

Characterized by large profile sizes, significant thicknesses and complex machining, heavy carpentry is a fundamental part of the COMEA world. The company’s structure and organization are focused precisely on it: for years our company has been investing in the production of large ironwork, dedicating to it an entire area complete with welding stations with dedicated suction system, band and disk saws (including a double head for the most special cuts), overhead cranes and flags for handling loads. The combination of technology, technique and, above all, professionalism, make COMEA one of the leading players among metalworking companies in the area. Not to be forgotten is how the goal of correct implementation is achieved with specific training courses and the adoption of specific certifications and markings.


Opened in 2020, Moebius Milano stands in a striking former textile warehouse that Lorenzo Querci fell in love with while passing by chance. That ground-sky space with 12-meter ceilings between Via Vittor Pisani and Corso Buenos Aires was simply perfect to realize his dream. A Tuscan, a “son of art” (his father runs a historic restaurant in Siena), he decided to stop in Milan after traveling the world and open his first restaurant, drawing inspiration from the countries that had impressed him most, from Hong Kong to Spain, to offer, simply, the best, of international food, music, and entertainment.

Comea took care of all the carpentry and interior structure, giving the venue an innovative and original touch.

Also on the premises is a monumental olive tree that hails from Andalusia: 700 years old, 8 meters tall and weighing 80 quintals, it was wanted by Lorenzo because it reminded him, thanks to the particular conformation of its trunk, of the dreamlike atmospheres of Moebius’ comic book landscapes. To contain it, an open-air concrete tank was built around it after it was transported.

And as if that were not enough to make you fall in love with this place, Lorenzo and his team have really thought “big” in interior design as well: from the suspended dining room made with an original glass iron structure to the gigantic convivial table built with just two pieces of a single 900-pound oak tree assembled together up to the modern antique pieces chosen, piece by piece, in vintage furniture stores.